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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥ Happiness ♥

Oh yeah!

I was so happy over something although I think it's just a small matter to somebody else.

But to me,yeah I cant deny how happy I was since 2 days ago. :)

I got something already but it's not on my hands right just can continue dreaming first.

Thank you! :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010





Friday, April 9, 2010

♥Wish list ♥

Still remember 2 years back, I wrote a TO-DO-LIST, I am quite happy now that I actually fulfilled the last one, ROCK CLIMBING!!!!

I never knew, fulfilling your own wish is that satisfying and happy.And you feel motivated and contented.

Suddenly, I have the mood to write out SOME of the details in my wish list for this year. If one of it is not fulfillled, it will be brought forward to the next year until the day I make it real. :)
  • Wish to get myself a LOMO camera!I have been browsing through Gala-gala poison market yesterday and spotted some very cute and nice cam!Dilemma.Some of the photos taken by the cam also SUI!Now I know what is LOMO CAMERA. I am craving for Golden Half, Wide and slim devil, Instax mini, Kumagin, Harikin, Diana F+ or mini!
  • Get myself my FIRST EVER branded bag and branded purse. My first really branded stuff.
  • Of course, my acedemic part. I wish to get SOMETHING that is ongoing already.I hope I really can achieve it. God please bless me no matter which god you are, Buddha or Jesus Christ.
  • BlackBerry or Iphone. My current phone is with me for 3 years already and it started to have some problems.
  • Get a pink color mountain bike. :) and go cycling with the loved one.Desa Park City baby.
Hopefully I can do it. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Comparison is human nature

Humans tend to compare every day,every time,every minute,every second,agree?
See this CHART of comparison in our lifetime.It is interesting,yet so true.


Who doesn't compare?Everyone does.

It's just that the level of comparison that you apply with another person that matters.We compare for the good sake and to motivate outselves to work harder,better,and get what we desire.Don't compare things with your opponent with imbalance emotion,it will just hurt yourself,and others.

So...COMPARE with good purpose and COMPARE to motivate ourselves in anything,people! :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blood test day

Today- 3rd of April

What have I done-Went for a blood test with the family.Sis and me went to test the remaining Hepatitis B vaccine,mom and dad went for some other blood test early in the morning in Pathlab,Metro Prima together.It's been a long time since I had my last needle injected into my skin.Report will be out next week.

Maybe I had no injection and blood test for few years,the lady could not suck my blood out.She said my blood vessel is...tiny?And it hurt when she took out the needle after finished sucking out the blood.

I WATCHED the whole scene of her taking my blood.Brave enough? :)

What I did after that-Went for Yong Tau Fu breakfast with the family nearby.Yumsss.Then back home,and now sitting in front of the pc,fb-ing and blogging.Gonna study for midterm soon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I am talking about you

I am talking about you in my FB status.

"Independence is what we all need.I just dislike some girls who just sit at home,goyang kaki,not looking for job,spoonfed by parents or boyfriends,everything paid by them,keep going out and yet they always claim they have no $$."

Yes you are the one..don't be so muka tembok can?

I really don't know how to react.
Sweat max!!!

YOU ARE THE ONE and it is so annoying us can?

Go and get a job and stop yelling that you are so broke no money but always wanted to go out la..SIEN.

Don't know how to write the word 丑?


Thursday, March 11, 2010

F i s h i e e e e !!! ♥

My blog now has fishhhhh!

Can you see the colorful fish above?? Various fish,multiple colors..hahaha.

Actually I wanted to set 9 fish in my aquarium one.I once heard eggtart saying that,it's better to have 9 fish in an aquarium at home,including one black color goldfish,for feng shui purpose.See I still remember until now,baby tart.

So once I finished setting 9 fish with selected colors,it turned up to be only 8 fish.Whenever how many times I edit it,it is still the same.So..8 fish.

Nice?Colorful right?One more thing is.....

YOU CAN FEED THE FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just move your mouse cursor over the aquarium and left click it,the fish food will appear.

FEED IT! (Just another lame post because period pain is still visiting me today.pain!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First post in 2010 after so many months

Hi all..this is my first ever post in 2010,after so many months being ignored.I am here to just to simply blog,and to write something up here..nothing much.I may sound a bit moody and unhappy by now,because today is my first day of period,and I am having period pain now.Everything in my mind is,NEGATIVE.

Just had some moody and unhappy talks..whatever it is I will try my best.Everytime I will feel myself so useless,so helpless,so hopeless,I don't know what I want,I don't know why am I living here,I don't know why I am being so inconsiderate,so not understanding,so not a human.After so many times when I see something that I don't wish to see,I ask myself,is this really what I want?If not,what do I want?Tired..yes,tired..I am so tired of thinking,so tired of being a human,I feel want to let go everything in my life.I can be tired also.I cannot click with everything,who is changing?What is changing?

I know whatever I am crapping here right now is just bullshit.Just bear with me,period pain is really killing me to the max and I need to do something for example typing to distract my pain and to release my frustration bla bla bla..Yes don't like it,I don't like it,I don't repeat,repetition is bullshit,but why people want to repeat?

Because they want to let the others to know what happened,and what is in their mind..they don't mean to repeat it purposely.Yes I am a frustrated girl now,I am having period pain,it's hurting me so deeply.

Arghhh pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain pain.Should start drinking back "bat zan" already...pain max!

Monday, November 23, 2009

23rd at HoHo steamboat,Menjalara

All the pics are taken from eggtart's sister's blog.

Eggtart's family celebrated his 23rd birthday last tuesday,at HoHo steamboat restaurant at Menjalara. His elder bro purposely came all the way down from Kuala Selangor to have dinner with him.

So now you all can see his family members right here :)

From left: Eggtart, his elder bro, his youngest sis, and his younger bro.

Hot boiling soup and tomyam. sluurp.

3 of the brothers really look alike lo..


Makan time. We ate till very very full.

Eggtart's sister took picture for us after dinner...and his elder bro purposely said that the photo is nice and keep asking his sister to take nonstop for us.We "jeng gu" her la. LOL

Baby..happy birthday once again.And I know that ur dad will keep protecting you always up there.I know that he loves u and want you to be happy no matter what.